We have extensive experience with turbomachinery controls – over 2,000 units and more than 30 years of operating experience.

  • Petrotech’s experience is almost exclusively in retrofitting existing equipment, thereby providing application development focus on the unique problems associated with older operating or re-commissioning of de-commissioned machines.

  • Our field-proven application control algorithms have been developed and continually enhanced since 1978.

  • Applications have been developed specifically for the retrofit market to improve the performance and reliability of the turbomachinery. We do more than replace the current level of control functionality.

  • Examples of advanced control functionality include:

    • “First time” light-off capability, without repeated failed starts, getting you in operation without wasting fuel or time.

    • “Soft” light-off capability, without stressing the equipment, eliminating the “hard” start that will unduly stress the turbine.

  • Speed Control – Asynchronous

  • Generator Speed Control

  • Asynchronous / Dump auto switch on line

  • Asynchronous / Load share control

  • Variable Run Up / Run Back ramp rates to match OEM specifications

  • Acceleration / Deceleration rate control for aeroderivatives

  • Clutching to re-engage without waiting for full stop

  • Fuel Flow vs. Ratio of Compressor Speed and Compressor Pressure

  • Emission reductions over initial design

  • Proven algorithms are embedded in compiled C ++ language and “tunable” but not changeable and thereby eliminating potential misapplications. Algorithms are transportable to commercially available open architecture hardware platform.

  • System support in tools and parts is less costly.

  • Evolution with electronic technology is simple and low cost.

  • Open architecture of hardware PLC platform houses the Petrotech algorithms with the PLC providing the links to the process inputs and outputs.

  • Petrotech has had ZERO software algorithm problems.

Software developed since 1978, starting with the founders of Petrotech, who already had more than 50 years of combined experience in the field of controlling rotating machinery. Software is field proven for specific unit types with its configuration protected from unauthorized changes. Software is fully tunable to meet the needs of specific plant conditions. Software is used exclusively in the retrofitting of rotating machinery and thereby provides focused solutions to the unique issues associated with retrofitting vs. new installations.

Based on improved pressure set point ramping algorithm implemented utilizing a ratio of speed/fuel control valve system. This has your turbine/generator up and running, producing power without costly delays. Experience with this advanced function has been field proven to have near 100% success.

The added benefit of the above technology is that of the start being “lean” and typically not audible and must be verified by actual flame detection. This method virtually eliminates the “hard” light-off redundent. This improves availability, reduces stress on the turbine and extends life between costly overhauls.

The improved combustion monitoring system detects hot and cold spots using specially designed control algorithms involving temperature spreads and differentials with the capability to also detect thermocouple failures with resulting point rejection. This provides early detection of problems with fuel nozzles, cross over tube, etc. Early detection means that over stressing the turbine due to unbalanced combustion is virtually eliminated.

The improved speed control algorithm maintains the set point to within .0001% of span. The algorithm has been field proven on many generator applications in isochronous service after replacing an OEM or third-party dedicated governor.

The improved temperature control algorithm allows the machine to operate closer to the temperature limit, improving overall efficiency. An additional benefit: being able to maximize the power output of the turbo generator.

Fully integrated into the same open platform as the turbine control, providing quick response between the driver and driven equipment. Examples of major features of the field-proven software include:

  • Line pack control algorithm

  • Dispatch control (process objective specific)

  • Most efficient point of operation for a given demand

  • Controllables are the drive speed, compressor inlet guide vanes, suction throttle, recycle, etc.

  • Performance monitoring

  • Capacity control for the process application of the machine

  • Suction pressure control

  • Flow control

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