The system design
The system has been designed to operate Production Wells (Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve,
Surface Safety Valves, Gas Lift Valves Kill Valves and Annulus Valves) on the NEB location.
The system also supplies power to the Choke Valves and HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection
System ) valves.
The Wellhead Control Panel operates at four (4) pressure levels: 450 bar for the Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valves, 241 bar for the Master, Wing, Kill and Gaslift valves and the Choke, 200 bar for the HIPPS valves and 5,5 bar for the control pressure.
There are two electrical driven pumps sets to achieve the 241 bar pressure level, and two intensifier sets to achieve the 450 bar pressure level. A dedicated motor starter box has been installed, there is no direct interface with the PLC system, the only indication for the PLC is the running and fault indication. The hydraulic energy is stored in hydraulic accumulators, mounted in the left section of the panel.
The pressures generated by the system are transmitted via Pressure Transmitters to the PLC system.
The Wellhead Control Panel needs 5,5 bar hydraulic instrument logic pressure which is generated by a double set of regulators installed in the system. The feeder header is the 200 to 241 bar header.
There are two (2) connection for an exterior flush pump. (Suction and Discharge)