The system design
The system has been designed to operate one (1) Production Well (Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety
Valve, Annulus valve, and Surface Safety Valve) on the ASAB location.
The Wellhead Control Panel needs 7 bar instrument air or Nitrogen the Pneumatic pump requires 75 SCFM (150 SCFM is the rating of the portable compressor.) and 24 VDC for the remote operated solenoid valves.
The Wellhead Control Panel operates at three (3) pressure levels: 260 Bar for the SCSSV, 80 Bar for the SSV / Annulus Valve and 5,5 Bar for the control pressure.
There is one pneumatic driven pump installed for the 260 Bar level and one Regulator to achieve the 80 Bar pressure level. One (1) hand pump is provided for emergencies . There is one (1) connection for an exterior flush pump (suction and Discharge), these connections should be capped of to maintain cleanliness.
The hydraulic energy is stored in hydraulic accumulators, mounted inside the panel.